Hi! First of all I would like to formally introduce myself, I’m Denjen Maree Dadap you can call me “Denj” or “DJ” for short. I’m a Filipina and I live here in the Philippines where there’s a tiny island called Bohol where Tarsiers, Chocolate hills and extraordinary views of the beaches and sunsets exists then there’s me, an introvert lady who wants to get out from her comfort zone, trying to figure out her way to success into this complicated yet challenging world of hers.

The reason why I’m putting up this blog is to make this a “Diary of My Life” where you’ll be seeing my random posts about my everyday memories of my existence here on earth just for documentation and stuff.

If you’ll be asking “What’s interesting about my life?” yeah I’ll be asking the same thing too,cause I’m no popular celebrity, I don’t have much followers on Instagram and Twitter, and I’m not living a fancy life but I’m an AMBITIOUS-WEIRDO-WANDERER-INTROVERT who loves arts, music, photography and my family.

I don’t know if that interests you but if it does then I hope you’ll be enjoying my Blog, Thanks!  ❤️