Semi-Round Trip at Bohol

Let me welcome you to my beloved hometown, Bohol.

It is a peaceful and beautiful place where people here are called Boholanos or Bol-anon, we live a simple life in our tiny island here in the Philippines and it is one of the top most visited tourist destinations here in our country. I can’t blame the tourists for visiting and coming back all over again here in Bohol, I mean who wouldn’t fall in love with the beautiful tourist attractions here especially the beautiful scenery of the beaches, the sunsets that gives great aesthetic pleasure, the green hills, the mystical falls, all of these are nature’s work of art and most of all the warm welcome of the Bol-anon’s towards the tourists here.

They say “Do not be a stranger to your own place.” and I thought I’ve already been to every beautiful tourist spots here in my province but I was wrong, there are still places that i haven’t explored yet so my friends from work decided to bond and the best way to do so is by semi-round trip here in Bohol (Yay!) last Sunday dated June 18, 2017.

First Destination: Himontagon Hills also known as “Morning Hills” in English. These are group of hills located in Loay, Bohol and it’s about 20 kilometers from Tagbilaran City. It’s the perfect place to go hiking while enjoying the view.

Second Destination: Anda de Boracay White Sand Resort located in Anda, Bohol. This is one of the whitest fine sands that you can find here in Bohol.

Third Destination: Cabagnow Cave Pool is located at Sitio Fatima, Bacong, Anda, Bohol. This is my favorite part of the trip because this is where I get to jump into the deepest cave pool in Anda with portions said to be 25 feet deep. The water is so clear that you could see many stones and pebbles lining its floors. Various stalactite formations also adorn the cave ceilings.

Fourth Destination: Chocolate Hills ofcourse you can’t just leave Bohol without going to this place wherein it’s located at Carmen, Bohol.
“There are at least 1,260 hills but there may be as many as 1,776 hills spread over an area of more than 50 square kilometres (20 sq mi). They are covered in green grass that turns brown (like chocolate) during the dry season, hence the name.”Wikipedia

Fifth Destination: Twin Bamboo Hanging Bridge which was our last destination, it’s located in Sevilla, Bohol . The bridge which is made out of Bamboo spans around 40 meters long and offers a great view of the emerald Sipatan River which is 25 meters below.


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