South Palms the Sanctuary

Have you ever wanted to just run away from your complicated life and be all by yourself in a relaxing place where no one knows you or even bothers you?

Just you, the beach and the beautiful sunset as you chill on your hammock.

Let me recommend you to a summer destination that you’ll definitely love.


Well I just found this private beach called South Palms Resort Panglao where it’s located here in Bohol, Philippines and I eventually arrived there 30 minutes via motorcycle vehicle from Tagbilaran City. My only purpose in going there was to be an Umpire during their Fire Drill and it was an opportunity that I shouldn’t miss and I was definitely right.

When I arrived there I was wondering “So, where’s the beach?” cause as we entered the gate there’s still a long pathway with trees and bushes alongside, it seems like it’s secretly hiding something worth seeing. We arrived at the parking area where the fire drill was held, the employees and BFP (Bureau of Fire Protection) members were present as we get started for the drill which is required annually. When the drill was successfully over I thought I wouldn’t get the chance to get inside to see the beach because everyone’s going home but when my father’s close friend who’s working at the resort decided to take us for a tour at the beach, I felt exhilarated as I immediately followed them inside.

As I arrived at the beach I was definitely at awe with the scenery that all I was able to say was “O.M.G” upon seeing the fine white sand, tall palm trees, colorful summer designed chairs, the beach and most especially the sunset. It was a sanctuary that I definitely was looking for my whole life, there wasn’t too much of a crowd and all you can hear is the sound of the waves meeting up with the seashore. I was just feeling at peace when I was there, I just wished I had enough time to stay but unfortunately there’s no forever but there will always be a coming back for sure. Wait for me my love.





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