NBSBBC: No Boyfriend Since Birth By Choice

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Do you ever get asked with these questions like “Why are you still single?” “What’s the hold up?” “You’ve got to get a boyfriend by now before you turn into your 30’s” and the worst “Oh, you’re probably choosy aren’t you?”,every single time they’ll bring up the topic about love and relationship. I’d just simply answer them with “That’s the least of my priorities right now.” and they’ll leave trying to figure out by themselves what they think my priorities are.

Actually there are three types of women, first there are these women who can’t stand without being in a relationship, to be with someone to keep them safe to be their confidant, they tend to be clingy and always relies on their partner in everything they do on a daily basis; they’re the Dependent Women. Next comes the Independent Women who can stand on their own feet, who can manage living by their own considering their family, friends and work to be enough companion in their lives without relying on a partner in everything she does to keep her happy and in love with her life. Lastly, are the women who are afraid to be in a relationship not because they’re afraid to fall in love but mostly they’re afraid of investing their own feelings to someone without any assurance that they can love them back the way they do. Leading them to confuse themselves with the “What ifs”, what if I found the one? what if he feels the same way? but what if he don’t? what if he knows about how you feel but he just loves the chase and takes advantage of your feelings? So they build walls around their heart to whoever comes close to their likeness, I call them the Distant Women.

What I’m trying to say is, whatever type of a woman you may be Dependent, Independent, or Distant Woman it’s our choice to be in a relationship or not at the end of the day it will all depend on your priorities, your heart, your mind and most of all YOU. So don’t pressure someone into a relationship if he/ she isn’t ready yet they may have their own reasons unto why they’re still single by now. As for me I’m all of those three women I’ve been Independent focusing on my College then now work, family and for my future goals, then I became Distant I admit that I’m 80 % of that at the present i’m loving myself first in order for me to build enough courage to put my heart in jeopardy because to tell you honestly love isn’t a fairy tale there are no happy endings, we aren’t perfect,people mess up sometimes and when you love it comes with pain and hurt it’s a one package so you better toughen yourself for Love because forever is just a word but for a lifetime is a choice – (quoted by me).I’d probably come to being Dependent if ever I’d find someone who matches my craziness and personality but i’m pretty sure I’d be Dependent occasionally. But for now I’m part of the squad called”NBSBBC (No Boyfriend Since Birth By Choice).” ❤️️


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