The Superwoman Who Fights Cancer

To all Superwomen out there who are continuing their battle with cancer, who’ve fought cancer & has survived cancer, you’re the real Superheroes.

This has been a sensitive part in my life & always will, it’s my first time coming out with this just to share a bit of motivation. Some people don’t understand what it’s really like to have cancer, I myself doesn’t have one (hopefully) but once a member of your family does it feels like each of the members has cancer too.

I’ve fought the battle of cancer together with my mother who’ve survived breast cancer the second time around & is still continuing to fight against it. To be honest it’s physical, mentally, emotional & spiritually stressful there were no days that I’ve never cried, I couldn’t sleep from being anxious on what’s going to happen next if am I still going to spend her birthdays, Mother’s Day, Christmas, New years & other special occasions with her.

It was physically exhausting from going back & forth from Tagbilaran to Cebu to have her 8 sessions of Chemotherapy done for almost a year. Then after accomplishing her Chemotherapy sessions she still has to undergo Radiation therapy for 5 days a week for 3-7 weeks then I have to go back home and leave my sick mother all by herself at Cebu cause I still have my duties the following days and she would come back home to Bohol by herself every weekends which I worry a lot for my mother’s sake especially on bad weathers.

There were times that i question my faith in God (which you should never do) but that was all just me and it can never compare to what my mother has been through, I know she feels worse than i do yet her faith in God maintained to be even stronger.

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There’s no medication that can stop the kind of pain that she’s been going thru and all I can do is to stay by her side always, I’ve been her shoulder to cry on, her punching bag of her outburst of heavy emotions that sometimes I couldn’t take it all into my heart that I’d just cry with her, I’ve also set aside my dreams in order to be her replacement at where i actually work right now to financially suffice our needs, as long as she lives I’m willing to sacrifice what I’ve got for my mother’s sake.

I know people would give you advices “to be strong, you can survive, just have faith, you’ll live longer” but then if you’ll just say it because that’s what you think you should say then it’s not going to help because giving your emotional support more by just simply giving a tight hug, listening to them, making them laugh, your availability everytime they need your assistance, your heart showing its sincerity & praying for them is what they really need the most to at least uplift their spirit to never give up, that there is always HOPE (H-old.O-n.P-ain.E-nds) & there’s more reasons to live because God will always be there to catch us in our weakest times, to remind us that there’s a Bigger GOD than our big problems.

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I’ll always be grateful to Him & Mama Mary for always being there for us up until now, we’re able spend another Christmas & New Year with my mother. That’s why I have great respect to all cancer patients who survived cancer, who are still battling cancer, & who have lost their battle but has done a great job & is now in the arms of our God the Father. I know it’s not an easy battle to deal with that’s why you’ve inspired me to stay strong despite the storm, to be grateful with my life because YOLO, & to stay healthy not just for my sake but for my families sake too.
I pray to God for Him to cast out all of the cancer cells & replace it w/ good & healthy cells.

img_20170104_180519Sometimes, all you need is love to heal the pain that’s hurting you from within, it brings happiness to your mind, body & soul. It’s the only cure to get rid yourself from stress & depression which causes cancer cells to activate in your system. Love is way better than chemotherapy & other medications because with LOVE its OK to have a full dose of it everyday, you won’t even mind about having the side effect of it which is HAPPINESS and most importantly it’s for FREE.
So please spread the love that you can give to your loved ones who are undergoing a rough time in their lives right now cause they need it the most. Don’t make them feel that they’re going through their battle with cancer alone. Stand up to cancer! ✊💝


And to my Mommyjen You are my Superhero, thank you so much for everything I know you’re doing the best that you can to live a longer life to spend more time, years and special moments with us. Look at where we are, we’ve come so far now since Day 1 of our battle with cancer and up until now we’re still doing our best to survive from it. It has been a tough road that we’ve gone through, do always keep in mind & heart that I’ll always be here by your side with whatever challenges that life may throw at us as long as we’ve got each other we can conquer everything through God’s mercy and guidance.


We love you mommy ❤️️


Still, you have to learn how to do a wacky pose & it’s definitely not like that .

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My recent photo of you

You’re happiness and good health matters the most to us and to more years to spend with our family Mommy! ❤️️ ❤️️❤️️


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